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Sailing by Hopson's w border BW DSC_0101Watching the Wind w border DSC_0274Sailing Halifax Harbour w sig for webCatboats and Consort w sig DSC_2590Sail Off Hearn Island w sig DSC_1729Rough Sailing - As Far As We Can DSC_7793Moja Mama off Morning Island in the Afternoon for web DSC_8070Moja Mama and the north Atlantic DSC_8071_01Man Docking a Boat for web DSC_9450Minou off Morning Island DSC_9525Wake of a Boat for web DSC_0368Scott in His Yawl DSC_0753Mojavon III nears Bald Rock for webCouple on Cat DSC_2481Bald Rock and Sailboat w sig-bord DSC_3269_01No More Dayz Off B&W for web DSC_4890Samadhi Moon Derriere for web DSC_7263In Halifax HarbourThree Vessels DSC_7558Who's At The Helm for web DSC_7902

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