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Wooden church sign w sigWindmillWhite in Flight on White w border DSC_0905What the Skate Saw DSC_0604Wharf and Traps DSC_5606Up on the Roof w border DSC_0051Unfinished DSC_1005Under the Wharf DSC_0292Two Windows DSC_0908Two Doors and a Ladder w sig DSC_1938Tryst w sig-bord DSC_0568Tour Boat Lines w sig DSC_3282Time Marches On Ha Ha w sig DSC_3470The Wee Boatie with borderThe Moonlight That Led to a Chair w sig DSC_8886The Ladies and the Light DSC_1001The Corpse in the Copse w border DSC_0103The Chase BWThe Bird and the Buoy w borderSwept Away  w border DSC_0034

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