The Granite Coast website has a threefold purpose:

  • To make my photos available for sale
  • To mix the photos with prose and poetry, gradually, to make a book
  • To make available my other written works, both those published and those underway

Photos and written works may be ordered from me by email, at [email protected]. To order a photo, include its entire name (for example, Water Window w border DSC_0416) along with the number of copies you would like and their sizes.

Photo prices are:

  • 3x5 $20
  • 4x6 and 5x7 $25
  • 8x10 $50
  • 11x14 $75
  • 16x20 $125
  • 20x24 $150

Book prices are:

  • The Flaw in the Fabric $35 (signed with personal inscription)
  • Four Variations $25 (signed with personal inscription)
  • Rowga the Yoga of Rowing $50 (signed with personal inscription)

Payment can be by PayPal or cheque. If by cheque, I'll send the photos when the cheque has been received and processed. We'll work out postage charges at the time of your order - I only charge what the postal service charges me.

Mucho gusto,  Rowgin Jim Lindsey