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Moja Mama off Morning Island in the Afternoon for web DSC_8070

Moja Mama off Morning Island in the Afternoon for web DSC_8070

Off Morning Island in the Afternoon

My third outing under sail in Moja Mama, my Colin Angus designed sailing rowcruiser. In a light breeze she skims across the water toward Morning Island off Prospect. Only nineteen feet long, with lines like a kayak but with pontoons added so she can carry two small sails on unstayed carbon fiber masts, she has no engine but me and the wind. You can see an oar resting on the pontoon. She has a small fundamental cabin in which you can overnight with a sleeping bag. I am experiencing some difficulties with her experimental steering rig but with the help of her designer expect to get those straightened out soon. She doesn't have to be inactive in the winter. When precipitation threatens I haul her into the boathouse - I can take down both masts in about five minutes the rig is so light - and then bring her out again afterward. I waited years for Mr. Angus to complete his design and come out with plans for this boat. There are some kinks and complications to solve, but I hope by next summer, that of my 65th year, to be doing some coastal cruising in Moja Mama.

14 November 2017
Texas Jim
Morning Island, Nova Scotia
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