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Rough Sailing - As Far As We Can DSC_7793

Rough Sailing - As Far As We Can DSC_7793

As Far As We Can Go
"What I'm sayin'," says Ham, "is we've had poets here and meditation instructors and all sorts that want to make us feel better, to get better, to do better, to BE better. And really none of it goes very far. Now when I see a picture like this, and her with her flag flappin' and all her sails flyin' though it's cuttin' up rough, and knowin' your little nutshell of a rowboat was all tucked up among the rocks and the seaweed and you tryin' to hold your camera steady, it don't make me better either, not in none o' them ways, but it does go pretty far. I mean while I'm lookin', I'm imaginin' myself there, and for however long that may be, I'm out there, way beyond these prison walls, out there as far as I can go. And that's all right. I will settle for that. Yessir, I will settle for that."
27 September 2017
Texas Jim
Clarks Island, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Sail Yachts
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