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Minou off Morning Island DSC_9525

Minou off Morning Island DSC_9525

Episode 68. Little Mac's Dream
They were out on the dock in the bolted-down chairs with their coffee. Mac had on the floppy sun hat and dark glasses he wore because he couldn't bear the double glare of the morning light out of the sky and off the water too.
"You look like a movie star trying to get around undetected," said Big Bertha.
"That's not the first time you've said that, you know," replied Mac.
"I like to hear what you always say back."
"Hm. Let me see. That would be something about how the sun in your hair makes you look like a movie star in all her glory, one that's come down from heaven for the benefit of us ordinary beings."
"That's the one. You remember that one, and we'll always be fine. Now go on with your dream."
"Well, you remember that fellow came through here, the one with the straw hat Noah thought was a farmer."
"Yes, and sailed on and was lost in a storm."
"In the dream, I was watching him leave. He was tacking between Breakfast Island and Betty's. I was in the lee of Hopson Island in my dinghy. It was breezin' up and his boat was heeled over and he was up on the high side. I could feel his happiness at leaving, but even more my own happiness at having you to row home to. He didn't have a home or want one. I was glad my rambling days were done. I called out to wish him well and then he turned around and waved and hollered back he knew I wished that I was him. And then I was. Bertie, suddenly I was that man, in that sailboat, with the tiller live in my hands and my heart leaping in my chest. And his happiness was my happiness. I was headed out to I didn't know where and everything I was leaving behind was a load off my mind. Except for you. There was enough of me left that I remembered you. And then it was like a nightmare and I woke up in a sweat."
"And that was when you grabbed me, right?
"Like you was one of these bolted-down chairs that could keep me from blowing away."
"It bruised me, you know."
"I'm sorry, Bertie."
"You're a regular love beast."
"I won't do it again."
"Right. Like we can choose what we dream."
"I'll learn how. I swear. If it kills me."
"Oh, now you're just being silly. And anyway, I never minded a little hickey. I always covered them up. But I was always glad to have them. Like having a medal."
"Would you like another medal? You have such a great chest. I'd like to cover it with medals."
"We're having coffee now, Mr. Man. And mine's gone cold while I've listened to you. What I'd like is another hot cup."
So Little Mac went and fetched her another hot cup, and then they sat and drank in silence while the surf sang in the distance and the onshore breeze of day took over from the offshore breeze of night and began to gather way.
17 June 2018
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Sail Yachts
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