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In Halifax Harbour

In Halifax Harbour


The wind is shifting. The sail is backing. Time to tack. The clouds are beautiful both in the sky and on the water, yet they are nothing you can hold in your hand or keep in your pocket. There is never really such a thing as a "moment" either, because there is no stopping anything. Yet to live our lives genuinely, to really live the lightning flash and not miss it, we pay attention. It doesn't really cost that much to pay attention. Only everything we have. And if we relax in that uncertain space, the reward is our self-liberation. And if we relax with others, the reward spreads. Aye aye, cap'n! Helms alee!

25 August 2023
Texas Jim
Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Sail Yachts
Keywords:Canada, Halifax, Nova, Scotia, and, black, harbor, harbour, monochrome, reflection, sailboat, sailing, white, yacht