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Close of Day over Prospect Bay w border DSC_0377Erratic and Heath w border DSC_0317Free-Standing Stones w border DSC_0315Lay of the Land w border DSC_0397Erratic w sig DSC_2571Alone on the Barrens w sig for web DSC_4283One Year After w sig for web DSC_4565Snow on the Rocks DSC_8730Who Knows Where the Time Goes for web DSC_9398Coastal Barrens for web DSC_9417What Grows on Granite DSC_3514Magic of the Barrens w sig-bord DSC_2127Winter Field DSC_4296Field and Sky DSC_4234Not Dreary DSC_4340Winter Camping for web DSC_4398Pine Barrens w sig-bord for web DSC_4453for web DSC_7695Fences of Yesteryear for web DSC_8204

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