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Not Dreary DSC_4340

Not Dreary DSC_4340

Not Dreary

Dreariness occurs when the mind is dreary. How to stop the mind from being dreary? Open a window. Just as if you were roasting a chicken indoors and the smoke and the smell were becoming intolerable. Only in this case it is the window of the mind. Which can be opened through meditation. Even if the window has been shut for so long and painted over so many times that it seems impossibly stuck, when you sit and let thoughts come and go without following them, the window begins to open. First just a crack and then a handspan, and then before you know it, dreary thoughts find a way out and off they go. Now take another look at what we call the bleakness of winter. Maybe refreshment and renewal have occurred? Maybe wonder occurs again? Worth a try? I think so. And I am just passing on a method that was passed on to me and that has been being passed on for thousands of years. Because it works. Because you really can be kind to everyone, and that includes yourself.

20 January 2022
Texas Jim
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
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