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Magic of the Barrens w sig-bord DSC_2127

Magic of the Barrens w sig-bord DSC_2127

Magic of the Barrens
The word "barrens" would seem to equate with sterility. As in, nothing grows here, nothing is capable of growing. If you didn't know better, you might equate it with wasteland. But in fact the barrens around Prospect are amazingly fertile. In grasses, in small plants and flowers, in wild bushes and shrubs. All of which are like the magic cloak of the many manifestations of granite. It is a playground of sorts for those who wish to walk in nature by the sea. But I would venture to suggest that it is also home for many invisible beings who take refuge in the wild. Their presence is tangible, rich, vital and overflowing. Far from being barren, this manifestation of the granite coast is a stronghold of treasure hiding in plain sight.
18 May 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:Canada, Nova, Scotia, barrens, clouds, coast, granite, grasses, rocks, rocky, seacoast, sky, tall, wild