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What Grows on Granite DSC_3514

What Grows on Granite DSC_3514

What Grows on Granite
It may not be classified, in your own case, and you may have thought it impossible. But in the gap between your thoughts, it has been growing. On the hard stuff, on the habits set in concrete, on what you would have sworn was the granite coast of creation, unyielding from the start and impossible to cultivate, the pure basic nature of things is at work. You could say at work or at play and it would be the same. But it's like this, composition and decomposition are happening at the same time. Granite is breaking down and soil is forming on it and in that soil little beautiful organisms are singing hallelujah.
Relax and let yourself be fine.
3 April 2019
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:canada, coast, defying, face, granite, growing, indomitable, lichen, nova, odds, organism, plant, prospect, scotia