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Who Knows Where the Time Goes for web DSC_9398

Who Knows Where the Time Goes for web DSC_9398

Episode 65. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

School was out and Little Mac would not teach again till the fall. He got out of his old pickup but instead of walking in the house he headed off. Sure there was much there at home to be done. The lawn was summer wild. The addition plans needed refining. Supper was his to attend to tonight. And they all loved to see him, all those who had come into his life, his wife Bertie, his daughter Delilah and Noah her son and Noah's dog Sir Barksalot and even Bertie's cousin Minnie who was why they were adding on. And he loved to see and greet them every one, even though Barksalot's eagerness sometimes bruised him. But he was having a moment and the moment stretched into an hour and the next thing he knew he was on the High Head with the sun going down where between sky and granite there was no time at all. And he stood there and let that sink in. And he gave thanks. And he went home then and endured a dog's rough affection and began peeling potatoes.

9 June 2018
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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