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Another Time Perhaps with borderAway with borderGate That Never Opens w sig for web DSC_2599Old Carriage- Christian w sig for web DSC_2634Skiff in Fog DSC_7857Childhood for web DSC_5958No Tracks to the Door for web DSC_8746Bold Facade of the Past DSC_8836Lineage for web DSC_9070_01Dory's End for web DSC_0012Lost Cars 2 DSC_2942Lost Cars 5 for web DSC_2950Mooring Buoy Come Adrift DSC_3407The Home That Was Sweet Home DSC_3396Across a Minor Divide DSC_5948House at the End of the Road DSC_6202Never Righted Again for web DSC_0731Pain w sig-bord for web DSC_0869Twisted for web DSC_1051mojito

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