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Lost Cars 2 DSC_2942

Lost Cars 2 DSC_2942

Lost Cars 2
"I was taking a man in a top hat and a lady in an evening gown to a ball. They tipped my driver handsomely. He gave me a wax job just to celebrate. Now wasn't that only yesterday?"
"I hear you. The family that had me would go to the beach, and there would be all the happy people playing in the sand and swimming and showing off their bodies and I would be showing off mine, all shiny and respectable. Now look at us."
"Well, there is someone looking."
"And he thinks we're very strange."
"Because we are."
"I wish he'd go away. His dream is making me unhappy."
"It's all a dream."
"You wouldn't have said that before. The top hat and the evening gown, they turned your head."
"Oh, to be shiny again!"
"Oh, just to fall apart would suit me fine."
"Back to the earth, to become something new."
"And go through all that and this again, not on your life!"
"Well, good luck. You have my love."
"You have mine too. He's gone. Good night again."
"Good night Sweet dreams."
"Indeed. Of rolling, rolling, rolling..."
12 December 2018
Texas Jim
Linholme, near Redwood Valley, California
Subcategory Detail:Vintage
Keywords:abandoned, antique, california, cars, forest, lost, mendocino, needles, old, pine, redwood, two, ukiah, valley, willits, windshield, woods