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Bold Facade of the Past DSC_8836

Bold Facade of the Past DSC_8836

Bold Facade of the Past
A facade means that what is behind it is not necessarily what is being advertised. And there is only emptiness behind a facade of the past. Memories may remain, but the present they are vague washed-out reproductions of is gone. Yet I love these bold facades and spent a great deal of time searching them out and looking to emphasize their qualities. The dory in this photo is in my village and has been photographed by myself and others many times. But it wasn't till yesterday that I conceived of getting down on my knees and trying a very low angle. I like the results. At least some of them. Getting wet knees wasn't much fun. Nor getting up. :-)
1 March 2018
Texas Jim​
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:abandoned, and, background, black, brick, chimney, cloud, derelict, dory, flaking, gables, house, monochrome, paint, planking, rotten, ruin, sprung, village, white