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Church and Guvvie DSC_8803Dormer and Clothesline DSC_8705Marisol on Saul Island w sig-bord DSC_8695Back Bay Lobstering w sig-bord DSC_8616Winter in the Village for web DSC_8444Rolling Down to Prospect for web DSC_8362Sleepy Village DSC_8211_upscaleBig Rock Candy Marsh DSC_8165Flapping ClothesProspect Autumn Sunset for web DSC_7297Mother for web DSC_7332Weldon's DSC_7323Heaven, Earth and Man for web DSC_7284Samadhi Moon and Flag for web DSC_7262Sunset and the Summer Cottage DSC_7164Prospect from Harbor Entrance DSC_7127Cold Cold Cold DSC_6864Snow Day

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