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Another Time Perhaps with borderConversation in the Fog 1Gathering Storm w sigNot Much To Be Remembered By with borderNowadays Clancey Can't Even Sing w border DSC_0016Swept Away  w border DSC_0034Two Crosses with borderStool and Shadow DSC_8765Between Sea and Sky DSC_8800_01Upstairs at the Old Bed and Breakfast DSC_8918_01Step Right This Way DSC_9262At the Split Between This and That 2 DSC_0598Many Faces Arise DSC_0307Fog Across the Valley for web DSC_2848Lost Cars 4 DSC_2941Some Long Grass and a Rock DSC_6198No Tourists Today DSC_6227Rock Troll Remains w sig-bord for web DSC_8391Barn and Cloud for web DSC_4042_01Haunted House DSC_4047

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