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Lost Cars 4 DSC_2941

Lost Cars 4 DSC_2941

Lost Cars 4 - Switching Channels on Ghost Radio

The traffic is heavy in Ghost Town today.
The latest and the greatest laid to rest at last.
When is it and when isn't it a car?
I was advertised with sexy ladies leaning on my hood.
When are we and when aren't we human?
Light. You see the light? You enter through the light.
It's only a reflection but it's everything.

13 December 2018
Texas Jim
Linholme, near Redwood Valley, California
Subcategory Detail:Vintage
Keywords:abandoned, broken, california, cars, derelict, forest, headlights, linholme, lost, mendocino, old, redwood, reflection, rust, ukiah, valley, willits, windshield, woods