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2 w sig300 Foot Drop 2 w border DSC_0858300 Foot Drop w border DSC_08581752 Prospect Bay Road DSC_0019A Corner of the Terence Bay Lighthouse w border DSC_0504A Dissolving of Boundaries w border DSC_0436A Dock of Many Colours w sig DSC_0932A Door No More w border DSC_0441A Lighthouse Let Go DSC_0101A Most Wonderful Dock DSC_0585A Playground Goes With It w sig DSC_0783A Solid Foundation w border DSC_0290Abandoned Clubhouse - the Doorway DSC_1413Abandoned DSC_3337Abandoned outbuilding 2 w sigAcross the Courtyard from Dondrub Guesthouse 2 for web DSC_3552Adrift 2 DSC_0639Adrift w sig DSC_0635

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