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Watering Can DSC_8542Between Two House for web DSC_7959Waiting Their Turn DSC_7958Chair 1Holding the World Together DSC_3606 (1)My Hat My Head for web DSC_3181Gushing Seawater w sig-bord DSC_2342A Most Secret Edge of the Sea for web DSC_8394Teapot and Tomatoes DSC_7409The Light and the Lichen DSC_7315Wallet DSC_7075Art of Mourning for web DSC_6466Art of Mourning w sig-border for web DSC_6466In Memory of Memory w sig-border DSC_6467Old Keys DSC_4126Banners and Flags of Bouda for web DSC_3588Jade Cutting in Liniment Bottle DSC_3540Crystal MindFlag from Above for web DSC_3482Headstone with Sheaf of Wheat for web DSC_0026

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