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China in the Dying Light for web DSC_0310Abandoned Garden w border DSC_0460Headstones May Fall Over DSC_0005Old Buoys DSC_1418Lonely Buoy DSC_9227_01Wood Stacking for web DSC_9128Seashells by the Seashore for web DSC_9037Clamshell with Attached Seaweed DSC_9027Exotic Coins for web DSC_9026Fence Post Finial That Once Was All Red for web DSC_8795Woodpile of Galaxies for web DSC_8826Stool and Shadow DSC_8765Chair w border DSC_0928A Nova Scotian in Mid-Winter for web DSC_8521Fire Lane for web DSC_8527Childhood for web DSC_5958Kerosene Lamp for web DSC_8418Bottoms Up DSC_8318A Chair and Some Light Through a Window DSC_8053Snapshot from the In Between for web DSC_7725

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