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About Coming Home

Yesterday, after cruising among the islands for a few hours, I finally gave in and came home. Part of me resisted, part was really happy it was there to come to. Today is Mothers Day and suddenly this doesn't seem like my home. Home was where my mother was and now she's gone. Sure and it's been a while. But sometimes it seems as if it just happened. Right? These emotions come and go, and they're as real as anything else, which is to say we have them, we feel them, and that's genuine. And dreams are genuine. And tears are genuine. And then we see through them again. I love coming home to Prospect. It's not a bad dream. It's a good dream. May we all have the very best dreams. Cheerful Mothers Day!

8 May 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:Canada, Nova, Prospect, Scotia, Tibetan, boat, clouds, confusion, continuity, maritimes, mind, ocean, sea, sky, symbols, through, village