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Spacious Morning DSC_1033Ashore for the Season with borderLagniappe DSC_0997Boat and Bush DSC_0574Beyond the Fence DSC_0659Yellow Rose DSC_0539Lass DSC_0658boat and church w sigYellow-Bellied Boats DSC_0091Dory at Hearns DSC_0146Winter Rowga with Mom 1 w border DSC_0652Mooring DSC_0008Sail and Sky w border DSC_0239Watching the Wind w border DSC_0274Dos Barcos de los Pescadores w border DSC_0067Uplifted with borderThe Usual Suspects w border DSC_0559The Face of Boldness w border DSC_0551Still Together w border DSC_0561Freedom 55 colour  w border DSC_0583

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