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Alongside Hopson Island

Alongside Hopson Island

Alongside Hopson Island
In 26 years, I've only landed on Hopson Island once, because it isn't easy. A shallow cove on the north side offers only momentary protection and it has no sand beach. If you don't mind dragging your kayak up on the rocks, that's one way. The time I did it, to secure an attractive bit of driftwood, I anchored and swam in. Still I love to visit Hopson because there is a certain magic to the water of that shallow cove. I think it's in the green. An extraordinary emerald green. I like to cruise in slow and drift as much as possible from one end to the other while letting that green wash through my mind. It's the best sort of brainwashing.
8 May 2022
Texas Jim
Hopson Island, Nova Scotia
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