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Black Swan at Dusk DSC_4871

Black Swan at Dusk DSC_4871

Lobsters and Sunburn
It's been a while since I had either a lobster or a sunburn, the former because they've become very expensive and the latter because a long winter makes you careless. Well, I wasn't that careless. I did put screen on my face and neck and nose and ears, and they did fine. But the backs of my hands? Who would have thought? I was indeed out for quite a while as it was the first genuinely hot day we've had so far on the Granite Coast and I wanted to experience it as much as I could while out on the waves. So I stayed out and had a great time and on my way in encountered Captain Burt Mitchell in his boat the Chignecto Mariner. I like shooting pictures of him and his boat and he likes getting them and he likes me so yesterday he threw me a bag with a couple of freshly caught lobster in it. So I got home and couldn't find anyone who wanted to share the lobster so they're still in the fridge. I may turn them loose back in the ocean. The burnt hands responded pretty well to some avocado lotion, and that was good except the lotion was scented and made me brain foggy. How did I get scented lotion? If it came in with my last wife that would make it about a decade old. I guess maybe it doesn't go bad very quick. That would make it different than the avocados you eat which seem to go bad on the way home from the grocery store these days. So anyway I was putting Black Swan away as the sun was going down and the light was so pretty I had to have her pose. Hope everyone enjoyed a sunny day!
15 May 2022
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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