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Butterfly on Poison Oak w border DSC_0112Cabbage White w border DSC_0279Dragonfly Red Like a Chili Pepper w border DSC_0984Flame Skimmer with Ragged Wings w border DSC_0418Mosquito Hawk w border DSC_0108Twelve-Spotted Skimmer close-up w border DSC_0244Twelve-Spotted Skimmer w border DSC_0240Water Strider w border DSC_0389Wild Honey Time w border DSC_0868Waterbug and Shadow 2 w border DSC_0378Spider and Prey w sig DSC_1155Spider on the Woodshed w sig DSC_3108Bee and Thistle DSC_7576Mosquito Hawk DSC_7691_01Pillbug and Spider 1 DSC_0153Onscreen for web DSC_0736On the Wall DSC_4134Pearl Necklace with Pendant w sig-bord DSC_8033Web of Galaxies DSC_5439 (1)

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