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On the Wall DSC_4134

On the Wall DSC_4134

On the Wall
Everything bugs us sometimes. Other times, we bug everything. No one can appease us, and we can't appease anyone. We feel reduced to the size of a bug, the importance of a bug. We would like to invite a rolled-up newspaper to swat us so at least the wall will remember we were there. Alas, no one and nothing will remember us for long. But if we look into our bugginess, if we get close and get a really focused gander, we might discover some beautiful patterns. We might be amazed. We might forget our bugginess and do a little happy dance for our extraordinariness. And if someone accuses of us of being silly, we might just agree and keep on dancing. We might just jitterbug right out the door forevermore.
24 June 2019
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:and, black, bug, close-up, extreme, monochrome, patterns, white