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Gaspareau Valley from Luckett Winery for web DSC_0498Rose, Fog and Seagull DSC_0312Sanctuary for web DSC_0178The Extent of the Soil w border DSC_0205Great Expanse for web DSC_8148Facing the Sea for web DSC_9636Walking On DSC_9671Backside of Hopson Island with Gull for web DSC_9674Breaking Wave with Sunlit Crest for web DSC_9543Shoal Water for web DSC_9544Prelude to a Rainy Night DSC_9488Coastal Barrens for web DSC_9417The Quilt That Is Hopson Island for web DSC_9438The Rocks in the Middle Distance DSC_0010Shallows for web DSC_9318Coastal Village DSC_9258Nova Scotia The Granite Coast for web DSC_9253The House on Saul Island DSC_9222Breaker over Saul's w sig for web DSC_3368Granite We Call It for web DSC_9036

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