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Winter Morn in the Cove for web DSC_6854Svartifoss Canyon for web DSC_6622Glacier Lagoon Again DSC_6081Perspective for web DSC_6578Portrait of the Messenger for web DSC_6559Dear Vikings DSC_6027bSeljalandsfoss Waterfall for web DSC_6756Diamond Beach 2 DSC_5954Iceland Sunset for web DSC_6176Otherworldly w sig-bord for web DSC_6632On Top of the World DSC_6467River Runs Through It for web DSC_6604Waving at the Waterfall DSC_6729Birthday Pome at 70 for web DSC_6602Black Shores of Iceland DSC_6129Over Hidden Waters for web DSC_6846Sunset Behind the Dunes DSC_6172Diamond Beach 1 for web DSC_5989In The Crystal Cave for web DSC_6504for web DSC_6027

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