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Cormorants Panicking for web DSC_3106

Cormorants Panicking for web DSC_3106

A Panic of Cormorants

I just made that up as a term for a group of cormorants. I don't know what it is officially. But they have this way of freaking out on their rock when you get too close. They are there, they are there, they are there, unconcerned and keeping the lookout for prey in the water, till a certain proximity flips their panic button and they go nuts to get away.

I frequently use my photos to reflect on the practice of meditation, so I will do that here too. It occurs to me that the cormorants are not so dissimilar from our thoughts. Until we come in for a closer look, they just keep roosting and holding sway in their space. But when we do subject them to scrutiny, they panic and clear off. And this is not some sort of painstaking scrutiny, it is merely taking close notice.

I used to think of my thoughts the way some people think of cormorants, rather in the way of being a plague on the landscape. Now I enjoy their company. They trigger me to pay attention and return to clear pure awareness moment after moment, day and night. Sometimes I feel almost guilty for startling them, the poor things, since they have no defense.

Almost. <3

26 August 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia
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