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Swinging DSC_4709Chickens w sig-bord DSC_4705An Arrangement of Gulls DSC_4678Sittin' on the Dock DSC_4497No Fairweather Footballers 2 DSC_4480No Fair Weather Footballers w sig-bord for web DSC_4463Winter Camping for web DSC_4398The Boxer DSC_4292In Flight over Hopson Island DSC_4159Fundy Fisherman for web DSC_4029Harbour Island and Seabirds for web DSC_3502_01 (1)Gull Soaring DSC_2809Hikers DSC_3334Gull and Splash DSC_3374 (1)Birds Surprised for web DSC_3473Girls on the Guvvie w sig-bord for web DSC_3306Cormorants Panicking for web DSC_3106Man on Paddle Board with Dog DSC_3048In a Luminous Fog DSC_2867Kayaker DSC_2985

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