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The Murmuration for web DSC_0454Sandpipers 3 DSC_0494Sandpipers 1 DSC_0445Falcon Fooled by Sandpipers DSC_0471Sandpipers 2 DSC_0445Seagull Mouthing Off DSC_0389Tern in Fog DSC_0270Time to Go DSC_0206Pillbug and Spider 1 DSC_0153Roofer DSC_0084Cormorants in the Fog DSC_0053Cormorants on a Rock for web DSC_9658Seal Swimming DSC_9664Porcupines Can Climb for web DSC_9466Man Docking a Boat for web DSC_9450Catching Some Rays DSC_9435In Flight w sig DSC_0167Bird Behind Blinds DSC_9236Seagulls on a Roof DSC_9210Conversation in the Fog 1 w sig

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