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Valdis in Her Wedding Gown BW DSC_5712Cormorants on a Rock DSC_5281One Watching DSC_5452Portrait of the ArtistPortrait of a Young Gull DSC_5319Dreaming the Life for web DSC_5264Geese over Hopson Island for web DSC_4154Reflections with Goose DSC_5223Salted Mackerel 20220723_165703Catcher of the Crab DSC_5150Alp HornKatia DSC_5001teethSwinging DSC_4709Chickens w sig-bord DSC_4705An Arrangement of Gulls DSC_4678Sittin' on the Dock DSC_4497No Fairweather Footballers 2 DSC_4480No Fair Weather Footballers w sig-bord for web DSC_4463Winter Camping for web DSC_4398

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