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Fisherman and Gull DSC_2741Ugly Cormorant w sig-bord DSC_2678Not Biting w sig-bord DSC_2688 (1)Shag Taking Off DSC_2400Dave Francis in his machine for web DSC_2299Canadian Couple for web DSC_1991The Surveyor DSC_1843Gull Greed w sig-bord DSC_1588Flight School  2 DSC_1835Two Gulls DSC_1579Goose on Granite for web w sig-bord DSC_1504Texas Jim on the Water w sig-bord DSC_1501Running Man DSC_1170Bottoms Up DSC_1130Pheasant in the Snow DSC_0964Seal on a Rock w sig-bord DSC_0943David Duggan DSC_9939

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