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Sentinel for web DSC_7592

Sentinel for web DSC_7592

Sentinel We could be one-pointed like a seagull on the lookout for a fish. We don't need to eat our thoughts, but we might be somewhat fierce. Not that we intend harm. We don't mean to destroy or get rid of them. Simply that we refuse the stupor of living in ignorance. We train ourselves to notice the arising of our thoughts, to persistently notice. That's all. In this way we can follow our wisdom and not our confusion. We are not passengers on a runaway train. We are not helpless. We are royalty. We can rule our individual worlds. If we resolve to be sentinels. That is the kindest cut of all. 7 September 2023
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Keywords:Canada, Nova, Prospect, Scotia, cliff, coast, granite, seagull, sky