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Osprey I Have Known DSC_7441

Osprey I Have Known DSC_7441

Osprey I Have Known

I wonder who else knows them. They nest on Hearn Island, a little north of the sand beach, up in the evergreen tops. I go slowly past the area, rowing or under minimal electric power, and they almost always greet me by swooping and crying to draw me away from what I guess are their offspring. Fast-moving craft don't merit their attention, and the lane between islands can be like a freeway. I can't say how much I know them, or they me, but in my 28 years here, they have been here. Or some variation of them. So I feel a connection, a thread of sturdy stuff. They are fierce, they endure, they maintain their lineage. I treasure the acquaintance, whatever it actually is.

6 September 2023
Texas Jim
Hearn Island, Nova Scotia
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