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Prospect DSC_0601 - to Catherine and Weldon CoolenProspect from Across the Way w sig DSC_0519Prospect Postcard DSC_0851Rock of Ages w border DSC_0766The Coolen's with borderThe Village from Across the Way  w border DSC_0521Under the Bridge w sig DSC_0113Sun Down Moon Up w sig for web DSC_1736Boat and House, Prospect DSC_2838Looking out from Prospect Harbour w sig DSC_2823A Place to Rest Your Eyes for web DSC_7442Our Village of Prospect for web DSC_7605Prospect a Village by the Sea DSC_8117Red Window DSC_0003_01Snow on the Rocks DSC_8730No Tracks to the Door for web DSC_8746Moon over the Salt Marsh DSC_8805Coastal Village DSC_9258Who Knows Where the Time Goes for web DSC_9398Prospect at Sundown from Across the Passage for web DSC_9419

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