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Lower Prospect w sig-bord for web DSC_0906

Lower Prospect w sig-bord for web DSC_0906

Lower Prospect from the Upper Prospect Side
You can travel between these two coastal villages on the water, and I often do, through passages between the intervening islands. When I got here 25 years ago, there was said to be a certain rivalry between the two villages, but either I am very ignorant of the situation or it has disappeared, because it isn't apparent to me. Also we have a lot in common, such as the trials and tribulations as well as the glory and wonder of rural life on the coast. This picture in particular shows the fate shared by both village churches - having been disenfranchised by the Catholic church and now falling into disrepair.
27 February 2021
Texas Jim
Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia
Category:Architecture and Structures
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Keywords:atlantic, bay, buildings, calm, canada, church, coast, evergreens, granite, lichen, maritimes, north, ocean, reflections, rocks, rocky, sea, seaweed, skyline, village, water