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Bow Wave w sig-bord DSC_0654

Bow Wave w sig-bord DSC_0654

Lobster Harvesting Ballet
You might not think it likely, but lobster boats do dance. They race out on stage then begin a complex series of pirouettes among their scattered traps. After the circled trap is checked, a quick dash to the next trap is made and another pirouette begun. I've watched them many times. It's quite delightful to me, although I must admit that at the same time I'm admiring the dance, I'm also calculating whether I might end up in their way, and so being careful to avoid that.
31 January 2021
Texas Jim (author of Big Bertha and Little Mac)
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:atlantic, boat, bow, cape, charging, close-up, islander, lobster, maritimes, north, nova, ocean, prospect, scotia, sea, speeding, water, wave