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Border Services DSC_1944Outward Bound DSC_1537Ready and Waiting w sig-bord DSC_1679How to Live on the Edge DSC_1298Prospect Parking Lot for web DSC_1251Winter Break w sig-bord for web DSC_0968Orange Boat and Lighthouse for web DSC_1016Cold Day Checking Traps DSC_0905Skitterbug in Winter w sig-bord DSC_0888Off to Work w sig-bord DSC_0306Sunny Afternoon with Lobster w sig-bord DSC_0826Delightful Jumble That Is Nova Scotia w sig-bord for web DSC_0884Bow Wave w sig-bord DSC_0654Ocean Sunset with Grounded Boat DSC_0732Never Righted Again for web DSC_0731Shelley and Michael Lobsterboat w sig-bord for web DSC_0667Where No One Else Goes DSC_0005Making the Rounds DSC_0347Farther Out w sig-bord DSC_0369

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