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Ocean Sunset with Grounded Boat DSC_0732

Ocean Sunset with Grounded Boat DSC_0732

Softness at the Close of Day
I do not rage against the dying of the light.
There is more light than is apparent to the eye.
I do not fear the coming of the night.
The dark is not what we portray it as.
As the colours soften, if we let our minds soften too
As the shapes lose definition, if we lose
Dependence on the shapes, and rest relaxed
we shall not be unfairly taxed
so let the gentle dark come shining through.
29 January 20212
Texas Jim (author of Big Bertha and Little Mac)
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:background, boat, canada, clouds, coast, granite, grounded, no, nova, ocean, people, prospect, rocks, rocky, scotia, sea, silhouette, sky, sparkling, sunset, water