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Derelict Bow DSC_8094_01

Derelict Bow DSC_8094_01

Kedgeree and Conundrums
I started the day wanting something different for breakfast. Eggs and bacon by the best begin to pall after a few decades of constant repetition. So I looked into my leftovers and other availables and fed them into Google and came across kedgeree. Curry, rice, boiled eggs, smoked fish and raisins. Oh, connection to India, great. Gives one a feeling of not being so confined to quarters. Then off to LaHave for a meeting at the riverside bookstore to set up sales and a reading for my new book. In the process missed meeting a new friend for coffee at the bakery because in becoming entranced with kedgeree I forgot to call ahead. So used the time to shoot some pics along the river there and this is one of them and this is the conundrum for the locals - how their beautiful river gets an eyesore because someone ties up a boat and leaves it there and can't be induced to remove it. I felt sympathy because of my own conundrum of why a fellow would come up with a dish like kedgeree for breakfast and pursue it so one-pointedly as to miss a chance for a cuppa and some good conversation.
The LaHave is heartwarmingly beautiful anyway. I on the other hand feeling something strongly in common with the abandoned derelict. Maybe just need a haircut. But there you have it.
25 June 2020
Texas Jim
LaHave River, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:LaHave, Nova, Scotia, abandoned, anchor, and, black, bow, bow, chain, close-up, derelict, dock, monochrome, river, ship, water, white