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Breaking Wave with Sunlit Crest for web DSC_9543

Breaking Wave with Sunlit Crest for web DSC_9543

Episode 69. Noahcito's Dream

He was moved beyond his years.

A tidal wave sent him inland in his grandfather's dinghy, over their village, over towns and cities, and left him high and dry on a mountain.

And suddenly he knew love.

There was an outcry behind him, the deafening barking of bloodhounds on his trail. He knew that they thought he was guilty. He was barely ahead of them, because although he could fly, it was only low to the ground and frustratingly slowly, as if the air had been thickened.

And suddenly he was soaring.

He was being called. The calls were many and from every direction. The names were all different, but they were all his. A woman called him Noahcito as if he were Spanish and very dear to her. At first she was young and voluptuous and he answered her first, but when she had taken his hand she became an old crone and her bony grip hurt.

He kissed her gently on the forehead.

He was back in the dinghy in a trough between waves, and when he was lifted, when he could see over, he saw the land covered with waves. Here and there things protruded. A wind generator rotated, sending power to nowhere. He could see there was no end to what he had to do. Go up and down and up and down again. There were others in many small boats that were doing the same, all headed in the same direction toward the horizon. He could see Little Mac and Big Bertha his grandparents on their Cape Islander named after him, Noah's Ark. His mother Delilah and Sam his runaway father and Aunt Minnie were also on board. He knew none of the boats could turn back.

His heart melted with love.

He awoke with Sir Barksalot licking his face. Almost immediately the details of the dream became vague. And yet all day long he was moved and very kind to everyone. Even more kind than usual.

He knew he was there to be kind. And that he would never forget. Even though he was only a boy.

22 June 2018
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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