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A Peaceful Place by the Sea for web DSC_7927

A Peaceful Place by the Sea for web DSC_7927

A Peaceful Place by the Sea We had hiked a mile or so along the coastline when we stopped and found a place among the cliffs where we were shielded from the wind. I took a sip of what I brought, relished the burn, and then offered the bottle to my friend. She refused. We sat and as the waves washed the granite down below, we felt ourselves washed in peacefulness. I saw what I first thought was a shoal interrupting the moving surface of the sea but that moved its position. "I believe that may be fish," I said. "I believe that I will have a sip," she replied. After a time she asked me to identify the lighthouse she was looking at. All I saw was open water. On the horizon was East Ironbound Island. I asked if that was where she was looking. It was not. All I could see where she was pointing was a buoy and I told her so. She seemed perplexed. "How can you drink that stuff?" she said. "It tastes like cough syrup." I took another sip and nodded and agreed it was a bit medicinal. More words were exchanged. More silences intervened. She requested another sip. I smiled and she did too. The wind was making roads across the liquid blue. We had no answer for that either. It was a calm and peaceful place, a big question that said never mind, and so we didn't. 14 November 2023 Texas Jim Prospect, Nova Scotia
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