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Fog Creeping over Betty's DSC_5486_01

Fog Creeping over Betty's DSC_5486_01

When the Fog Comes Creepin'
You didn't know it was coming
and you're out so damn far.
You're at the end of an island
a long ways from safe harbor.
Your compass quit working a long time ago.
Lord knows why you keep it around.
Sure the buoy will ring but your hearing's all gone.
Sure the wind will say something
but you'll get it all wrong.
Row close to the island and wait till it's clear!
Sure you could do that. There's nothing to fear
but the feeling you have in your bones
that this fog will be long
and you will lose the sun.
You could be here forever
and the lighthouse isn't manned.
Now you have to be brave just because.
12 November 2019
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:betty's, breaker, canada, clouds, coast, fog, granite, island, island, lighthouse, nova, ocean, rocky, scotia, sea, shoreline, sky, waves