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Time to Go DSC_0206Great Expanse for web DSC_8148Walking On DSC_9671Breaking Wave with Sunlit Crest for web DSC_9543Shoal Water for web DSC_9544Nova Scotia The Granite Coast for web DSC_9253Breaker over Saul's w sig for web DSC_3368Uproar DSC_9021Storm Light for web DSC_8937Little Gull Island DSC_8872_01Samurai Breaker for web DSC_8458The Advent of Neptune for web DSC_8482Wind-Maddened Breaker for web DSC_8468Granite Coast Winter Storm DSC_8470Windstorm from Peggy's Cove 2 DSC_8341Chaos Just Outside DSC_8338Windstorm from Peggy's Cove DSC_8350_03Paddy's Head Light for web DSC_8230Big Surf DSC_8221Study - Granite Coast 2 DSC_8210_01

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