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Wind Against Wave DSC_5588

Wind Against Wave DSC_5588

Those Who Love a Wave
Those there are
by every sea
who love a wave.
Cowardly or brave,
they adore the motion
as well as the moment when
the motion turns to spray.
I photograph waves where I live
but also where I go on holiday.
Lately in Iceland, usually in Canada
I would turn down a kiss
for one instance of aquatic bliss.
This I can say
because a wave will never turn away
saying I am too old and
soon to be recalled.
A wave and I are young forever
or simply gone
just like this song.
26 November 2022
Texas Jim
Vik, Iceland
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Keywords:Iceland, Vik, and, black, breaking, contrary, due, monochrome, ocean, on, opposing, rock, shoreline, spray, spray, sunlight, texture, the, to, water, wave, white, wind, wrinkles