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Shallows for web DSC_1060

Shallows for web DSC_1060

The Shallow and the Deep
"Oh, let's just stay right here."
"I thought you wanted to go out on the deep."
"I do. I do. But this ..."
"This is the shallows, Mary, not the deep."
"I know that, George."
"Well what?"
"Well what are we wasting time here for?"
"Are you blind?"
"Some pretty colours, yes, I see. Refracted from the sand just underneath. A common enough phenomenon."
"Your head is so filled up with words. Pretty colours? It's a miracle, that's what it is. Common? There's nothing common about it. It's regal. It's exotic. It's a masterpiece in motion."
"I'm glad you're entertained. Now sit back in the boat and be still while I push us off."
"No, don't. You'll ruin it. You'll stir up the sand and it will all be lost."
"All right then. Keep your little look-out. I'm going over there and sit down on the beach and have a drink."
"Don't be angry, George."
"I'm not. I just was ready to go."
"To go out on the deep?"
"Yes, Mary, on the deep. I like to go out far. I like to sink the land. You know that."
"George, today this isn't the shallows. Today this is the deep. Right here. We've got it all right here."
"Okay. Listen, when you're ready, just give us a shout."
After a while, when she finally was ready, Mary did more than just shout. She stepped carefully out of the boat and onto the beach to avoid ruining the light show. She went and crouched down by her husband and kissed him. And then kissed him again until he kissed her back.
"What's all this then?" he said when she finally pulled back.
"That's the deep, silly man. It was there in the light and now it's here in your heart, don't you know."
"I think I do. Yes, I'm thinking I do. I am a silly man, it's true. But a very lucky one too. May I have a little more then?"
"A little more what?"
"More deep. A little more of your deep. To tide me over through the shallows of my silly mind."
And she obliged. So much so that by the time they were done with that outbreak of deep, the tide was out and they had quite a job dragging the boat back down the beach to the water. And it was dark before they reached the harbour and the village lights guided them in. And there was sand in the boat that would need cleaning out. And they would do that tomorrow, when the light came back and changed the shallows to the deep again.
9 March 2021
Texas Jim
Hearns Island, Nova Scotia
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