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Reflection of a Pontoon for web DSC_0376Seed Heads at Sundown DSC_9487Downtown Prospect Nova Scotia DSC_9456Who Knows Where the Time Goes for web DSC_9398Bird Behind Blinds DSC_9236Circle Round the Sun for web DSC_9208Prismatic Reflection for web DSC_9138Window in the Water for web DSC_9039Snowy Walk to the Mouth of Shad Bay DSC_8862Stool and Shadow DSC_8765The Advent of Neptune for web DSC_8482Church at Peggy's Cove - Detail - Late Afternoon DSC_8292Outlook from Peggy's Light DSC_8405Curtain and ShadowDiscussion about Shadows DSC_8245_01The Sky in the Sea DSC_8143_02Where the Harbor Begins for web DSC_8154Snapshot from the In Between for web DSC_7725Gentle Sea Reflections w sig for web DSC_7378Silent Night Holy Night w sig DSC_4561

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