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Red House on the Curve for web DSC_7803

Red House on the Curve for web DSC_7803

Along the Way
Along the way we had a house
It makes me dizzy just to think
the way the road came down and wound around
It was a small place but the truth was
it was all the space we needed
and John built it so in winter
you could get the wood from inside
honey that was a relief
and painted red
to warm my heart he said
and oh it did
It makes me dizzy thinking
all he did to warm my heart
Why even now I'm never cold
though he did not grow old with me
The road came down and wound around
and sometimes he would drive right past
and say whose pretty little home is that
Well it was ours along the way
It makes me dizzy
looking back
30 September 2017
Texas Jim
East Dover, Nova Scotia
Category:Travel and Places
Subcategory:North America
Subcategory Detail:Canada
Keywords:canada, coast, cottage, curve, dizzy, dover, east, evening, granite, home, house, mysterious, nova, red, road, scotia, stripe, winding, woodshed, yellow