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Elation of Release w border DSC_1027This Way and That Way with borderFoggy Plunge w border DSC_0102Chimney Sweep w border DSC_0383Dave Burns - On Top of the World w border DSC_0732Girl Going Over a Bridge w border DSC_0546Redheads on Glass Beach w border DSC_0612Little Girl on Glass Beach w border DSC_0635The Loving on Big River Beach w border DSC_0342Metal Detector DSC_0006Canada Day - Chowing Down DSC_1535Canada Day - Face Painting DSC_1473Canada Day - Face Painted DSC_1492Canada Day - Finishing Touches DSC_1514Canada Day - Fish in a Barrel DSC_1502Canada Day - Jessica Redpath DSC_1445Canada Day - Ready for Action DSC_1526Canada Day - Snackin' 2 DSC_1529Canada Day - Water Balloon Toss - Playing DSC_1517Canada Day - Water Balloon Toss - Questionable Technique DSC_1520

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