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Stillness in Motion for web DSC_1038

Stillness in Motion for web DSC_1038

Neither Moving Nor Still
We think our senses tell us all we need to know. But do they really? With our senses, on a calm day, we might see this tree and call it still. But really all of it is moving always. While growing while dying, down to the smallest conceivable particle, the tree is moving.
But this tree is just a gathering of particles. Now we say living, now we say dying. But really? Is it really anything at all? Is space dancing in itself? And if it is, then how can anything really be moving at all?
The tree is neither moving nor still, neither a tree nor not a tree. And we are living in a mystery. Inseparably. Nothing hidden, nothing out in the open.
O beautiful, inconceivable mystery. Like a cooling hand on a fevered brow. Like a mother and child reunion. No answer necessary. Only love.
6 March 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:and, background, birch, black, branches, coastal, curvature, dark, maritimes, monochrome, nova, pale, prospect, scotia, tree, white