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The Circus Time Forgot w sig-bord for web DSC_8080

The Circus Time Forgot w sig-bord for web DSC_8080

The Circus Left Behind
We were all existing on mind-altering substances, and there was nothing we could do about it. The air was full of them, the water was full of them, the food was full of them. So everything we saw was questionable.
Nevertheless, there was one pilgrimage we continued to make. In a bright field with long grasses of various luminous colors, both natural and unnatural, stood the fortress into which the elite had retreated so long ago, leaving behind, under the symbol of their religion, a single circus tent adorned with a wild rose bush, to which we were invited to come and relieve our anxieties by being entertained. "The risk of extinction is highly over-rated," the invitation proclaimed.
We no longer went there to be entertained. The monkey chained to a post inside the tent had been killed and consumed by abandoned household pets gone wild. The roses still flourished in a spattering like splashed blood. We never picked them. It was like the signature of the artist. We wanted to remember who had created this picture. Do you remember? Sometimes our band was not so sure. Our devotion to the truth, it endured on the most psychedelic of stages.
Finally we no longer went there at all. There was no sign of life in the fortress. The observation of our point of abandonment, once deemed sacred, that had sustained us and interrupted our madness, lost its flavour. So we abandoned our abandonment like a sack of stale bread.
This is where the story ends. Our trail is camouflaged with rainbows. If you are reading this, we wish you well. We cannot reveal our location. We ourselves have no idea where we arrived. Our hearts go out to you. The sun also rises.
20 June 2020
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:circus, colours, fence, field, fortress, grass, heightened, impressionistic, long, psychedelic, sunlight, tent