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Tangled Gardens Mystery ManMoonlight on the Water w sig-bord DSC_3728Dolphin Fountain for web DSC_3025Forbidding for web DSC_1011Face in the Stone w sig-bord DSC_8495Prospect Harbour inna Summer Light w sig-bord DSC_8347The Circus Time Forgot w sig-bord for web DSC_8080Oranges and Anteojos Oscuros w sig-bord for web DSC_8027Stern DSC_7974The Fence That WasSilver Window Yellow Wall for web DSC_5652Undying Thirst DSC_4217When a Star is Your Heart DSC_4139Emerging Intelligence for web DSC_4123Still Life with Suitcase DSC_4109Kathmandu - Art of ImpermanenceRooftop Statuary Mendocino DSC_2994My Rowing Gear DSC_9559Prismatic Reflection for web DSC_9138Cool Boredom DSC_9080

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