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Bog with Cross w border DSC_0182Crest w sig DSC_0074Cross at Peggy's Cove DSC_0382Steeple w sig DSC_0031Steeple with Cross Showing w border DSC_0045The Perch at the Pinnacle w border DSC_0346Two Crosses with borderWhy the Old Cross is Rugged DSC_0607Winter Rowga with Mom 2 w border DSC_0624Nameless Tombstone w sig DSC_2052Long Time Under DSC_0009Headstone with Sheaf of Wheat for web DSC_0026steeple and cloud DSC_3433Gull and Steeple DSC_7630Wandering Off for web DSC_8058DSC_8040Steeple and Clouds DSC_8364

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